• Hounds on the Hudson spa services covers all aspects of dog grooming. All baths use either a hypoallergenic or oatmeal shampoo. You can also bring your prescribed or medicated shampoo from home for our groomer to use.

    We offer breed standard & puppy cuts, nail trims, ear cleaning and massage. Grooming your dog approximately every 4-6 weeks is recommended to keep your dog smelling fresh and to avoid painful matting. Great add-ons include teeth brushing or scraping, the Furninator treatment (a de-shedding bath and brushing), deep conditioning treatment, and more.

    All dogs should be in good health and free of communicable diseases. We require a vaccine certificate for Rabies & Distemper. The kennel cough vaccine, Bordetella is highly recommended. Please completed our Grooming Form and have your veterinarian fax your dog’s current vaccination certificate before scheduling your grooming appointment.

    Dogs must be non-aggressive. For safety purposes, owners will need to sign our waiver stating that their dog has not harmed or exhibited overly aggressive behavior toward any person.

    Grooming Services

    Exit Bath

    • Soothing massage bath
    • Hand drying
    • Brush & comb-out

    Basic Spa Package

    • Nail trim
    • Pads & sanitary area cleaned
    • Ears cleaned
    • Soothing massage bath
    • Hand drying
    • Brush & comb-out

    Complete Spa Package

    • Includes the Basic Spa Package plus breed standard haircut

    Additional Services

    • Furminator (Deshedding)
    • Dematting
    • Conditioning
    • Deskunking
    Register for Grooming
  • Prices for grooming services vary greatly based on the size and condition of the dog. Please contact us for estimates on all grooming services.

  • Dogs must be at least 4 months of age. All dogs should be in good health, free of communicable diseases and written proof from a veterinarian of these current vaccinations is required:

    • Rabies
    • DHLPP 5-in-1 shot (distemper)

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